You are a happy robot living in a happy community. One day a bad man uploads a virus which causes all your friends to turn against you. You are your friends' only hope. You must reach the control center and upload an antivirus.

Hurting your friends will make you a very sad robot however you need to do it to get energy from them and complete your mission. Can you balance your sadness and your need for juice? Only you can answer that question.

Made withUnity


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Does it ever end?

Yes, it does. However i never managed to get that far. It's a bit too difficult :)

Watch 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Two Button Jam | !jam !queue from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thank you for playing the game Joshua, and for the amazingly detailed feedback.

This game came off the back of a 3 hours game jam that ran in parallel with your jam. Because i didn't have much time i didn't manage to implement a visual representation of the three stats or a minimap showing the distance to the end (or animations).

And that annoying bug where sometimes you press the jump button and the character doesn't jump is because of the insane way i check whether the character can jump (vertical velocity == 0)

Anyway, i probably won't continue work on it anymore since i have other projects and not enough time. If anyone wants to pick up the idea they're free to do so (and the code is on github).

Thanks again!

No problem! Pretty sure I noted at the beginning that it was for TriJam and prompty forgot. Story of my life...

In that context, the lack of bells & whistles totally makes sense. Definitely want to do a better jump check for the next platformer you do, though. :)

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In case you want to check out this abomination's source code, it's all here, and it's not pretty. Don't say I didn't warn you.